Current Bundles for Bloggers and Writers

As a followup to my last post – Focused Business or Craft E-Learning with Bundles or Stacks, there are three new bundles targeted towards bloggers and/or writers. Get them quickly while they last.

Infostack’s Side Hustle Super Stack

The sale for the Side Hustle Super Stack is only going for three more days. After purchase you will ha year to access your purchases, so the investment of under $50 is well worth it.

I’m still opening and accessing much of the Side Hustle products, but can recommend the purchase simply for the following –

Sandra Clayton’s Biz in a Box – setup as a course, this bonus Side Hustle package actually contains access to many social media graphics templates, shared in Canva. As I write this blog post I am mindful of just how much time is spent on preparing graphics for posting from blog posts onto these social media sites, including getting the sizes correct for easy sharing.

Business Storytelling and Content Marketing Magic – this course by Kyle Gray is a great introduction to the subject. Kyle’s bestseller book, The Story Engine is swish, as is much of the freebie infographics and cheatsheets you get threre’sough either this course, or onsite at Kyle’s blog. Kyle maps our normal fiction writing love of story with storytelling for marketing.

There’s so much/too much more to recommend. The Side Hustle Super Stack contains everything from books and courses on proofreading, writing a book, strategising a side hustle business to implementing many permutations of your new or bigger biz.

Still open for 4 more days, take a look here for the Side Hustle Super Stack.

The 2018 NaNoWriMo Writing Tools Bundle by The Story Bundle

Story Bundle NaNoWriMo 2018Every year to assist all the writers preparing for November’s big writing challenge, NaNoWriMo, Story Bundle curates a collection of writing craft books. Story Bundle operates with a pay as you like payment method – pay a minimum to get 4 books, or pay a minimum of only $15 for eight bonus books. Download your books in multiple formats. These are all top-selling craft books available for much more if you were to buy them off Amazon. Don’t read them all at once, save the pleasure for later. You have 56 days to purchase this bundle.

Find them here: Story Bundle’s 2018 NaNo Bundle.

Coming Up: Genius Blogger Toolkit

On October 10th this year’s Ultimate Bundle – Genius Blogger Toolkit opens up for sale. The website still says “coming soon” but contributors are already starting to ramp up emails and blog posts about their own products. Previous Genius Blogger bundles have contained up to 95 separate products including software, ebooks, workbooks, cheatsheets, templates and courses for bloggers.

Find the waiting page here: Genius Blogger Toolkit 2018.

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