Focused Business or Craft E-Learning with Bundles or Stacks

As a very new online biz owner I look for geniune bargains to support my learning requirements. I don’t have an income as yet, so every penny spent is considered. One of the best trends I have followed and investments I have made in my learning is with digital bundle or stack events.

What are Digital Bundles?

Digital bundles or stacks are a large collection of digital e-learning and service products put together on a theme.

The products can be many – the latest I just purchased had over 40 products from 40 different people or businesses.

Strictly speaking these should not be freebies or products which are available anywhere else, but can be products which have been offered for sale previously. In the case of a bundle, these products are offered at a huge discount – you pay one small price to access all the products in the bundle.

Why are these multiple products put on sale within the bundle so cheaply? Basically the bundle contributors participate in the bundle event for some primary reasons –

  • Their signature product gets front and center to a whole new community of customers who they know are interested in the topic and therefore potentially their own products and services.
  • They can wing off other bundle contributor’s own customer email lists – all the bundle participants will sell the bundle through their own lists.

So basically each of the participants wants to grow their own customer email list while also offering their product or services. They want your email signup to get to their product, and you will potentially be sold at a later date other products they may think will be valuable to you.

In trade, you get multiple products to work with, and normally for a cost of under $50 for a product set which at full price will cost you potentially several thousands. After paying you tend to be sent to a one-page list which offers the product download or signup links. Most links will then take you to the contributor’s landing page where you either signup for their emails to get to the product. Sometimes you may need to purchase the product using a coupon code provided for the bundle event  – the coupon code will take a 100% discount off the product official cost.

Bundles tend to be sold in a short sales event format – normally the sales last for one week, sometimes only a few days. Purchasers are then able to access and download their purchases for around a month afterwards. After that, the download links go away.

Digital Bundle or Stack Themes

The most popular themes for bundles run along the self-improvement and digital business lines (blogging being a main theme) but there are also bundles of software and apps.

Writers can often be tempted by writing craft book and product bundles, which can be a great way to be introduced to some of our most popular writing coaches.

Tips to Fight Overwhelm or Over-consumption

When you purchase one of these bundles it can often be overwhelming. As the founders of one popular bundle event, BCStack suggest – bundles are like all-you-can-eat buffets. You pay one price and get a huge selection, but that doesn’t mean you have to, or should even try to consume it all.

1. After Purchase, Bookmark or Note the Access Page

Bookmark or note the Access Page URL. You’ll be going back here a lot.

My personal tip – I take the whole page as a simplified article webclip into Evernote. The note in Evernote gives me the URL link to go to (on any device, at any time), plus a copy of the blurb, coupon codes and email links out for each product in the stack. This is an excellent reason to go get Evernote if you don’t own it already.

2. Use the Bundle Checklist

Look for the Bundle Product checklist. This can sometimes be created by a customer or participant, but good bundle administrators will create one for all the customers, and communicate this via emails. Use this to select and check off your goods.

3. Select a Top Ten Products

Go through the checklist of all the products in the bundle, read up on them on the website, and select and highlight a maximum of ten of these which you think will be useful to you over the next six months for your business or craft growth.

Signup and download (if they are downloads)  these ten as a priority over the next week or so. Some bundle products are online courses. These should be for lifetime access, so signup and create your course signin details, then set them aside until you find some time to concentrate on them. Some products offer in-house services like a private one-to-one conference call with the product owner. Make note of these, as there may be some time restrictions for these types of services.

Check off your bundle list as you signup and access these products.

4. Mark your Calendar

Be aware of when the bundle access period runs out. Add this date and a reminder plus the bundle access URL to your calendar to make sure you don’t miss out on products you know you might find helpful at a much later date.

5. Focus on ONE Product Alone

In the initial first week now choose one product out of your top ten, to work with immediately. Normally it’s an easy choice – this is the product which drew you to the bundle in the first place. It will fit with your needs right now, and give you the results you require.

Diarise the learning, reading and community participation, and plan out how you will apply your product concepts to build your business or writing.

6. More Products but only if you’ve mastered your Top Product

IF and only if you have dedicated some extra time, should you signup and download another ten or more bundle products and save for later. Months later.

Save this product access work for a couple of weeks after the bundle has gone off sale, but within the bundle access period – away from your initial priority work.

Be aware that for every bundle product you do want, you will have to signup to a new email list normally. This means your inbox will be chocker with welcome emails, possible email courses, and product sales emails to deal with.

Note that solopreneurs and writers are reknowned course or learning collection addicts. It’s a brilliant form of busywork that hides the fact we are procrastinating and not doing the actual work. Bundles are notorious in offering this ability to download a whole heap of bargain products, playing with bits of them, but not actually making the best of any of them.

I personally admit I have far too many courses, ebooks and reading piles which I will never get to. My learnings from my purchases of several bundles over the past year is to be frugal with your time and focus.

Not all the products in the bundle will be for you, even in some unforeseen or hopeful future. Be realistic with what you can focus on, and know your needs for now and only the next few months. Plan your approach into the bundle, and take only what you will use.


Bundles of Interest

Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle.

The recent bundle I hinted at above has just finished at the end of last week. This was the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle, the inaugural bundle for Laptop Lifestyle Business Club founder, Angela Wills. The first bundle was so successful that Angela now intends bringing out several more themed bundles over the next year, with another LLBB scheduled the same time next year. In the meantime a bundle called Blogmas is due around the holiday season. And one with a productivity theme is being planned for next year.


Infostack is one of the longest running digital bundle businesses available, and has just this week come out with a new bundle:

–> On sale now and running for six days the Side Hustle Toolbox holds $4012 worth of ebooks, ecourses, templates, checklists, community access, etc all for under $50.

The previous Infostack bundle was the Write Publish Profit Super Stack, themed especially to writers, but you will find most bundles will hold some products which are of interest to us.

If the Side Hustle Toolbox isn’t enough, Infostack has an upcoming Startup – for digital marketing and entrepreneurs, or the Escape bundle with a travel theme.

Unlike some other bundle merchants, Infostack bundles purchased have long expiry dates. My Write Publish Profit bundle purchased earlier this year is accessible until December 2019.

BC Stack.

Created by founders, Dan Morris and Rachel Martin, this is one of the longest running dependably good quality bundles out there. The BC Stack 2018 in June offered 65 products from leaders in the digital marketing and product creation world. You can actually pre-buy the BC Stack 2019 right now for a huge discount price of $29.

Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate Bundles provides a calendar of lifestyle themed Bundles including a handcraft bundle, Handcraft with Love Super Bundle and October’s upcoming new iteration of the Genius Bloggers Bundle.


StoryBundle is a little different, themed for your reading pleasure. Every month of so a new reading bundle is made available on a theme. Science Fiction and Fantasy bundles are popular, but there has also been graphic novel bundles and others.

Previously some larger writing websites and groups have put together writing craft bundles like the Write Publish Profit stack mentioned above. You will typically learn about these through being on a writer’s email list if they participate in that event.

Bloggers have the Genius Bloggers Bundle. You can sign up here to get the news for when the 2018 is launched.

Stack Social has a large range of bundles or collections ranging from software programming, graphic design bundles to productivity training bundles. Here’s the overall search page for bundles and here is The Ultimate Productivity Bundle, offering 8 different courses. You will find that other online course stores such as Skillshare also can put together learning bundles on themes, collecting a quantity of popular courses under one smaller fee. These avoid the need to signup to a lot of individual email lists and provide one place access.

As far as I know, there are no recurring stacks themed for creative artists, certainly not as regards e-learning courses and ebooks as content. Ultimate Bundles does sell a Handcraft Bundle however, so there are possibly others available elsewhere. Digital graphics bundles are another matter. Places like sell packages  or collections of digital elements regularly.

Finally, be aware that previously many bundles have received bad publicity because they were thrown together with freebies or poorly put together PLR (white label) content and/or not themed well enough. The above stacks are known for holding a large list of quality products you will find inside of their bundles. Successful bundles tend to last for several years and have at least an annual schedule of bringing out a new bundle. You will find a growing list of emails recommending them to you as they launch.

For writers, bloggers and digital small-biz solopreneurs there are many great affordable e-learning and service bundles or stacks. And some tips to get the best out of them to provide growth and focus to your work.  Plus a list of some of the best bundles available.

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