And now we begin with a plot twist.

This is an introductory post brought forward into October.

My name is Michelle Thompson. I am predominantly a fiction writer, a novelist. In the fifteen years I have been writing, I’ve also blogged a good lot. In the past 20 years I’ve also been a nationally recognised scrapbooker, paper-crafter, and blogger on that niche topic. Before giving up my career for full time motherhood I also worked for many years as an I.T. specialist, managing many offshore and onshore testing groups. I setup and founded many testing business processes and methodologies which are still used in my industry to this day. So I know a lot about the analytical and business side, and a lot about the creative side of me. But there’s still stuff to be worked out, just like all of us.

These last two years life started throwing lemons at my family. But writers call this something else. We all experience life sucks, and if we’re capable of stepping back, we may simply remind ourselves that it’s all called life experience. For a fiction writer, that’s a good thing. Lemony life moments get sugared up a little in our fiction plots. But when we can take the lemons with a sense of humour, fiction writers have an even bigger coping tool – we understand that those lemons are simply another plot twist on our journey through life.

I started this new blog last week. There are still problems to be resolved, links which go nowhere,  expenditure in finding the right theme which works as I want it to. And content to build.

Last night my husband arrived home with some major news about his work situation. Again, plot twist. But with the buzz of having to develop a new blog site and business, I found myself pondering the synchronicity of this all. The universe is pushing us to places we were avoiding, but I feel sure that these are the places we are meant to be.

So why this blog, then? Some might suggest that talking about writing and productivity and life and balance and maybe some recipes if I feel like it, maybe some affiliate products which have little to do with writing…and yes, some online business building experts might well suggest there is no such niche. Or it’s too big a variety of subjects, so nobody will want to read this.

Time will tell, The Balanced Writer will develop and grow, and fasten onto a niche I do have in mind for the New Year, or maybe it will create one. Who knows?

This is what I do know. There are lots of blogs out there catering to writers. I had one of them. There are lots of lifestyle type or Mummy blogs.

But when you look at all those women bloggers, many provide information and make a success out of multiple streams. From home. They are creative in several ways, make products, and then teach themselves how to sell, promote, create more content, and grow. And then they share it. A lot of women are really good at sharing it, a lot for free.

They might dispute it if you looked into their personal lives more deeply but from the outside, I see them and believe them to be very multi-passionate yet very balanced. They work hard, play hard, create hard, learn hard and share hard.

I don’t see why a writer can’t have that balance either. Why as a work from home woman I too can’t balance it all. And why you can’t too.



And now we begin with a plot twist.

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