The Balanced Writer

This website came about at a time of my life when I was receiving lemons for at least a year, and buckling under the load (mixed metaphor, anyone?). You know the signs - health problems, stress, low productivity, more stress...

When you get to that point when you either give up or decide the message should be celebrated, this is the result - a personal journey to balance life and writing into something which works for me - and hopefully others.

the cornerstones
of balance & selfcare

Most life balance practices talk about cornerstones or pillars or categories of life experiences. We're not recreating this wheel (okay, maybe a little, because our logo is based on the honeycomb) and here are our six cornerstones themed for the artistic and creative life we want to lead -

  • Craft - writing craft, creating, knowledge and experience, learning and development, art, crafts, creativity...
  • Mind - mind and emotions - mindset; mind training - meditation, breathing, stress relief techniques, motivation, inspiration and rejuvenation; habit and routine making; gratitude, focus; vision and life planning
  • Body - health and fitness; fuel - food and nourishment; environment...
  • Business & Activity - work and income generation - side-bizes, entrepreneur mastery, marketing and promotions, content creation, blogging etc;  budget and expenditure; vision, planning and tracking; structure - processes, systems and project work; productivity techniques and time management; business relationships and networking - clients, readers, mentors, co-workers, project work;  and incorporating self-care activities.
  • Relationships - connections - family and friends; fun and entertainment; support networks; social commitments, giving back and altruistic community-care activities
  • Resources - there's a lot of cross-over in the above five, and so there should be. Here's where you will find the resources such as routines, mindset, productivity and creativity techniques which are applicable across life and make us who we are. Here's our go-to pot for times when we find ourselves being served lemons, or unproductive, here's our fall-back toolset for life as a creative artist and writer.

Meet the Team

Right now the Balanced Writer is brand new. So only one team member, me! But I'm willing to share...


Michelle Thompson

Founder & Writer

Novelist, creative and should have been a librarian.




Vice President

Muse, annoyance, loyal support network committee.


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